Monday, May 5, 2008

A Black dot on a White Paper

What is first thing usually comes to our mind when we pick a white paper with a black dot on it? We will usually cover the black dot or don't want to use it. It applies same to human life. The white paper refers to our life and the black dot refers to our the mistake in our life. The story begin this way, a boy who was in the age of 19 years old just finish his form 5 and was waiting for his SPM result. Then he quarrel with his father one day and ran out from house. He also steel his uncle's money...from that point onwards, he never return home anymore. He work at outside to earn some living. His father give a chance with back the money to his uncle and he may continue study. He was stuborn and refuse to go back....friends did help him at the begining but not all peservere to the end...Today,his paper not only have one black dot but it almost fill up the whole paper already. Have we ever never commit any mistake or we are holy enough to look down on them. Many times, we don't stand in the view of those who commit mistake to see what they see....without that we lay our judgement on they. They can't be saved or we don't perservere long enough to save them. We do make mistakes, some might be small but others make a big one. Isn't is better to use the white paper with juz a black point rather than throw it away?
Every clouds has its silver lining.....the hope is still there....are we helping them to grab??? They are weak enough and hunger for hope in hard to hope for hope in a no hope situation....give yourself a chance and give the person who have once hurt you and make mistakes a chance for a better tomorrow. Life is short, why don't we live it happily....hatred will make a person tired and worn out...put judgement on them if never make a mistake.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


When I ponder back the days
You stepped into my life
I remember the first footprint
You printed on our shore

Your footprint is liked a pen
Laying foundation for us
You set your footprints on the sand
Followed by us,your students

A footprint to followed
A person to remembered
A contribution to appreciate
A memory to cherish

Im here to bid farewell to
You,Puan Khoo,who had fought to teach us well
They,teachers,had been working hard and cooperative
Us,SMJK Union,have scale greater heights under your tutelage
Together,we create history that last for ages...