Saturday, February 28, 2009

Music That Never Ends

For the past few days, I sat on my table and think of what happened to me. I realize life is like a circle, what goes way will somehow comes back. You cant never find a point to end it. It keep goes on and on until the day comes then it will stop on earth but not in the other life. You have been going after the same goal for years, you may have achieve it but you are not easily satisfied. You will perfect your goals by having a better life. Human tend to be more like robots as civilization happened. We will usually follow orders rather than use our brain to think. We are bind by too many rules, afraid to break any of the rules. Rules are mean to be broken but there lines that you cant cross. What will happened to the coming generation?
I really hope this current problem I'm facing will go off as time passes by......Who am I to judge the person whether is a nice person or vice versa. All I can do is keep myself from trouble and involve in less conversation. I feel so comfortable with room especially now....silent....where i can hear my watch from troubles....I wish to cut all my connection with the person but I dont have the courage to be that mean....I hope my flickering flame will be able to hold the gushing wind during my darkest hour...All i wish is that i will be able to end my music of life with a nice note....

Friday, February 20, 2009

Kampar, my second home

Kampar is a small town,
Which divided into new and old town,
Most shops located at old town,
While people live at new town.

Here, life is simple,
Yamcha and gaming is an example,
At market, elders selling vegetables,
At mamak, chui sui done by young people.

Bicycles are commoners,
Cars and motors are outsiders,
Speaking cantonese sounds familiar,
Reading english shouldn't be consider.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Sim Hui........

Happy birthday Sim was yesterday that we celebrated her birthday....when she told me yesterday was her birthday, I thought she was joking. It turn out to be her birthday. After class few of us when planned to go to KFC for our lunch. Then she said that she wish to follow us. Only me, Vincent, Kenny and Chin Poey went to KFC with her. All follow Vincent's car except Chin Poey riding his motor. We reach KFC first because Chin Poey have something to do before he joined us. We order our food and enjoy our meal; halfway Chin Poey arrived with a cake on his hand. Below is the process of what happen when celebrate:

This is the birthday cake for the pretty girl....

Look how happy see is....Sim Hui come back, don't dream to far....

"Im so touch and I want to thank..."; Sim Hui don't need to cry and cut the speech. After all is not an Oscar award......

Did I just mention don't cry???Oh no...she cry just a celebration as friend to wipe it...people looking lah...paiseh...

Look at them....a happy ending of the eating and one laughing....