Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Riddle.....Make A Guess????

1) What word can be written forward, backward or upside down, and can still be read from left to right?

2) I'm not an airplane, but I can fly through the sky. I'm not a river, but I'm full of water. What am I?

3) I make u weak at the worst of all time. I keep you safe, I keep you fine. I make your hands sweat and your heart grow cold, I visit the weak but seldom the bold. What am i?

If you think you're smart then leave your answer in the comment box;I will give you feed back whether your answers are right or wrong....

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Preparation To Hit High Note

Hectic weeks is ahead.....will i able to cope with it....i think i'll handled just fine if i can cut my sleeping and gaming time little more and put more effort on revision. I dont aim to be the best in my class but at least a decent result. I believe that our biggest enemy is ourselves. We may beat the whole world yet lost to ourselves. I planned to take one step by one step to focus more on my studies. I dont how much can i changed but at least im putting effort in trying. To achieve success without effort is dead, is just like a shooter who has a good gun but without the bullet. I want to climb back to my glory days, those days seems to fade away with the blowing wind; hide beneath my shadow....i'll arise....is time for me to wake up...play time is over. It's time for my instrument to once again hit high note.....I have learn to treat failure as stepping stone.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Im Back!!!!!

Yo.....what's up guys???Im back blogging....suddenly feel like writing some crap stuff after finish editing english assignment. Few weeks back, I found a target(girl) but I was too late, she belongs to a guy already....sad....trying to attend every class is more fun than skipping class. Im trying to shake off my kaki ponteng worm off my back. My new classmates are great, they are good in studies, gaming and chatting especially gossip....our class seems more lively compare to previous T8....this semester have a lot of presentation..fun...I will be able to wear my new formal shirt...At last kampar started to rain....nice night is ahead....if it didnt rain...it will be like desert...for pass weeks,monday,friday and saturday is my sports day. We play badminton, tennis, volleyball and football, to keep myself fit. I plan to quit blogging at first because I found it no meaning to keep it on but I love write....so i decided to keep on blogging.....word is a powerful and fantastic tools, you can use it to do anything but I love to use it to express my feeling.....I pick up my viola and started to play again but found that my skill has turn rusty....need to brush up already....I guess the person who encourage me to blog has spark my flame for blogging, nothing can actually wipe off the blazing fire.....thanks for the encouragement....you know who I am referring to....forget the lasting....I have been able to control my mouth and not let speech pour out from it too much...good news for me....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Watch Collection

I have 4 watches as collection. I believe that watch no longer plays a role as just time keeper. Watch can now turn into design. We can use different watch to match our clothing.

This my first watch. Is a stainless steal watch. It makes people looks mature and more on career looking type. I got it when i was form 3. I lost my original watch so my dad replace me with this watch. It a chronograph type.....I love it because of it's function....chronograph....

This is my second watch. It make of leather strips and is limited edition. My dad bought me this one also cause he also like to collect watch. Is automatic type. Manufacture by Arbutus, an american company. We can see the machine through the back. The design is special.....

This is my third watch. A watch that bought by myself at a reasonable price. I like the texture of the watch. It brings me a classical feel. Made by Vincci. The middle part is bulky. You can the the watch ticking.

This is my fourth watch. A digital type. Actually, Im not quite fancy digital watch but this one attracted me with its design. A white one can match quite a lot of clothing. Also made by Vincci....maybe Vincci can focus on manufacturing watch. The watch they make is nice.

Friday, March 27, 2009

At Last, Im FREE!!!

It has been hectic for the past month. Mid-term test and assignments coming one by one like a never ending story. It had ended yesterday, my last test was accounting. Suddenly, I feel empty after busing for so many weeks. Those rushing time is over yet I feel boring and have nothing to do. Im free but Im not as excited as I thought. So I sat down and started to write this blog. Kampar always rain during night and it happens every night actually. My house is quiet and the sound of the pouring rain drops can be heard so clearly...tick...tick...every drops. The freedom I get already invest in movie and games. These types of lifestyle is meaningless; is just like people hitting an empty tin. I wish I can find something more meaningful to do, maybe playing instrument or reading novels. I have 2 instruments in my room, a guitar and a violin but my skills has turn rusty. I cant make good music anymore. Music that comes from my heart. There is this saying, people can feel what you feel through the music you play. If I cant play with my heart, how can people feel my music. So far, I have played for 2 person with my heart. First is Jesus and the other is my ex-girlfriend. The music is beautiful.....A music without feeling is a person without heart....a freedom without purpose is also a person without hearts....empty....

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Music That Never Ends

For the past few days, I sat on my table and think of what happened to me. I realize life is like a circle, what goes way will somehow comes back. You cant never find a point to end it. It keep goes on and on until the day comes then it will stop on earth but not in the other life. You have been going after the same goal for years, you may have achieve it but you are not easily satisfied. You will perfect your goals by having a better life. Human tend to be more like robots as civilization happened. We will usually follow orders rather than use our brain to think. We are bind by too many rules, afraid to break any of the rules. Rules are mean to be broken but there lines that you cant cross. What will happened to the coming generation?
I really hope this current problem I'm facing will go off as time passes by......Who am I to judge the person whether is a nice person or vice versa. All I can do is keep myself from trouble and involve in less conversation. I feel so comfortable with room especially now....silent....where i can hear my watch ticking...nice...free from troubles....I wish to cut all my connection with the person but I dont have the courage to be that mean....I hope my flickering flame will be able to hold the gushing wind during my darkest hour...All i wish is that i will be able to end my music of life with a nice note....

Friday, February 20, 2009

Kampar, my second home

Kampar is a small town,
Which divided into new and old town,
Most shops located at old town,
While people live at new town.

Here, life is simple,
Yamcha and gaming is an example,
At market, elders selling vegetables,
At mamak, chui sui done by young people.

Bicycles are commoners,
Cars and motors are outsiders,
Speaking cantonese sounds familiar,
Reading english shouldn't be consider.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Sim Hui........

Happy birthday Sim Hui....it was yesterday that we celebrated her birthday....when she told me yesterday was her birthday, I thought she was joking. It turn out to be her birthday. After class few of us when planned to go to KFC for our lunch. Then she said that she wish to follow us. Only me, Vincent, Kenny and Chin Poey went to KFC with her. All follow Vincent's car except Chin Poey riding his motor. We reach KFC first because Chin Poey have something to do before he joined us. We order our food and enjoy our meal; halfway Chin Poey arrived with a cake on his hand. Below is the process of what happen when celebrate:

This is the birthday cake for the pretty girl....

Look how happy see is....Sim Hui come back, don't dream to far....

"Im so touch and I want to thank..."; Sim Hui don't need to cry and cut the speech. After all is not an Oscar award......

Did I just mention don't cry???Oh no...she cry again...is just a celebration as friend to wish...fast wipe it...people looking lah...paiseh...

Look at them....a happy ending of the celebration....one eating and one laughing....