Sunday, July 26, 2009

Preparation To Hit High Note

Hectic weeks is ahead.....will i able to cope with it....i think i'll handled just fine if i can cut my sleeping and gaming time little more and put more effort on revision. I dont aim to be the best in my class but at least a decent result. I believe that our biggest enemy is ourselves. We may beat the whole world yet lost to ourselves. I planned to take one step by one step to focus more on my studies. I dont how much can i changed but at least im putting effort in trying. To achieve success without effort is dead, is just like a shooter who has a good gun but without the bullet. I want to climb back to my glory days, those days seems to fade away with the blowing wind; hide beneath my shadow....i'll time for me to wake time is over. It's time for my instrument to once again hit high note.....I have learn to treat failure as stepping stone.