Sunday, February 3, 2008


It was a lecturer....a pretty one but age difference....i went on to the ice breaking while my heart carry the hope of finding my juliet....hope is dim yet I won't give up.....The ice breaking ended, I said to myself, why so little girls join only....a waste of time, I grumble...I walk back to my house nearby to my university.....I went home lying on a sofa while Im feeling very tired. Suddenly, I heard a loud scream from the kitchen. Am I hearing the wrong voice or is just a day dream....I pinch myself and it hurts. "Is a girl's scream", I say....feeling scare and shock while walking towards the kitchen. I saw a small mice on the floor and a girl standing on the chair. I help her to chase off the mice and begin to think, this house is cater only for boys and why there is a girl in here? No one can answer me except her. I fetch a glass of water for her while to calm her down. I asked why are you here?......[to be continue]

Charmaine, The Girl

Charmaine is the girl whom I knew around approximately 6 months ago. We are in the same university and taking the same course. I started to get closer to her through messenger then I found out that she was a nice and cheerful girl to mix. I remember she say Kenneth, one of my college mate cute but undeniedable Kenneth was funny rather than cute. She look normal but doesn't belong to the pretty side. I can see her beauty that shine from her inside, her nature or the kindness and smile that she give to everyone she met.
I had feeling for her......she became part of me as time passed.....the feeling grows stronger as I know her longer. Yes, she the girl that I love....she is more than a words could describe.....beautiful