Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who can win the English Premier League???

Let us look at the EPL this season......first of all, we will look at Arsenal. Arsenal have a great squad but still lack of depth, especially in midfield. Undenied that Arsene Wenger can train a youngster to play in that position just like Ebou. What Arsenal really need is a mature midfielder who can play the role of Flamini. The right person for that job is Liverpool's Xabi Alonso yet Wenger might not sign a player as Theo Walcott began to rise as a star who can employ right wing. Arsenal can win the league unless the play consistently, which the lose to Fulhum and Hull after winning big.
Liverpool can have hope to end the dream of winning the league title if the continue the form that the are producing now. For the past, Liverpool has been performing well in cups but not league due to striker who are unable to produce goals. I can see that Torres have solve that problem but the burden on him might cause adverse effect. Liverpool will need a duplication of Torres if the wish nail down the title this season or to hope Keane to score more goals.
Man Utd was the champion last season. The question is can they achieve the same form that they produce last season. I can see that Man Utd has solve their lack of striker problem with the signing of two striker. Everyone is eyeing on Berbatov to see whether he can live to his tag of 30million. He was good at assisting striker rather than scoring. Rooney need to be at the right time and the right position to just put the ball into the net, just like the previous Van Nisterooy. Man Utd may have a shaky start but they are being to play steadily.They stand a chance for the title if they play like last season. Ronaldo is one of the key to succeed.
Chelsea is tip as the strongest among the top 4 clubs. I suggest that they might be champion this season but the injured seems taunting Chelsea. They have a great start of the season, sitting of top of the table. Now is the mid season.....but the the top 4 clubs still struggle to show consistency and impact....

World fall, I also fall......

When my friend call me and told me that the result is out, I was nervous and scare. Then I call my friend and help me check the result. It turn out to be my biggest nightmare and defeat. My result was superb terrible and horrible. How can this happen to me? Reason is because I wasn't giving my best for the final exam. I cant blame the exam because is hard....all this is just excuse and reason. Many people may get bad result too but should I fall when the world, the world fall but I should still stand. I have to work extremely hard to improve my grades and cgpa. It will not be an easy fight for me as I have to change my attitude. Is a wake up call for me.....this is degree and not foundation anymore....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hao Peng You(mandrine)

This song is a christian song wrote by my sister, Nicole. Hope you enjoy and like the music.