Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Watch Collection

I have 4 watches as collection. I believe that watch no longer plays a role as just time keeper. Watch can now turn into design. We can use different watch to match our clothing.

This my first watch. Is a stainless steal watch. It makes people looks mature and more on career looking type. I got it when i was form 3. I lost my original watch so my dad replace me with this watch. It a chronograph type.....I love it because of it's function....chronograph....

This is my second watch. It make of leather strips and is limited edition. My dad bought me this one also cause he also like to collect watch. Is automatic type. Manufacture by Arbutus, an american company. We can see the machine through the back. The design is special.....

This is my third watch. A watch that bought by myself at a reasonable price. I like the texture of the watch. It brings me a classical feel. Made by Vincci. The middle part is bulky. You can the the watch ticking.

This is my fourth watch. A digital type. Actually, Im not quite fancy digital watch but this one attracted me with its design. A white one can match quite a lot of clothing. Also made by Vincci....maybe Vincci can focus on manufacturing watch. The watch they make is nice.