Thursday, November 27, 2008


Sorry for the very belated wish....this video is specially made for you,although it look simple but from the background music and picture is all self make. It came from my sincere heart....HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who can win the English Premier League???

Let us look at the EPL this season......first of all, we will look at Arsenal. Arsenal have a great squad but still lack of depth, especially in midfield. Undenied that Arsene Wenger can train a youngster to play in that position just like Ebou. What Arsenal really need is a mature midfielder who can play the role of Flamini. The right person for that job is Liverpool's Xabi Alonso yet Wenger might not sign a player as Theo Walcott began to rise as a star who can employ right wing. Arsenal can win the league unless the play consistently, which the lose to Fulhum and Hull after winning big.
Liverpool can have hope to end the dream of winning the league title if the continue the form that the are producing now. For the past, Liverpool has been performing well in cups but not league due to striker who are unable to produce goals. I can see that Torres have solve that problem but the burden on him might cause adverse effect. Liverpool will need a duplication of Torres if the wish nail down the title this season or to hope Keane to score more goals.
Man Utd was the champion last season. The question is can they achieve the same form that they produce last season. I can see that Man Utd has solve their lack of striker problem with the signing of two striker. Everyone is eyeing on Berbatov to see whether he can live to his tag of 30million. He was good at assisting striker rather than scoring. Rooney need to be at the right time and the right position to just put the ball into the net, just like the previous Van Nisterooy. Man Utd may have a shaky start but they are being to play steadily.They stand a chance for the title if they play like last season. Ronaldo is one of the key to succeed.
Chelsea is tip as the strongest among the top 4 clubs. I suggest that they might be champion this season but the injured seems taunting Chelsea. They have a great start of the season, sitting of top of the table. Now is the mid season.....but the the top 4 clubs still struggle to show consistency and impact....

World fall, I also fall......

When my friend call me and told me that the result is out, I was nervous and scare. Then I call my friend and help me check the result. It turn out to be my biggest nightmare and defeat. My result was superb terrible and horrible. How can this happen to me? Reason is because I wasn't giving my best for the final exam. I cant blame the exam because is hard....all this is just excuse and reason. Many people may get bad result too but should I fall when the world, the world fall but I should still stand. I have to work extremely hard to improve my grades and cgpa. It will not be an easy fight for me as I have to change my attitude. Is a wake up call for me.....this is degree and not foundation anymore....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hao Peng You(mandrine)

This song is a christian song wrote by my sister, Nicole. Hope you enjoy and like the music.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Have you ever wonder what is a mirror relect our look as we usually do. Last month, I was very down due to some relationship problem. It ended on a rainy day, she ask for a break up. I really struggle to let go off this relationship as i really love it. She has been a piece of jigsaw in my heart; a jigsaw puzzle won't be beautiful if missing one piece. This thing needs time to recover.....I look back to find what is the problem behind our relationship. While I was thinking, I walked to the bathroom. Then I looked into the mirror.....I realise that mirror is reflect who we are and what we have.....we may look into the mirror in different ways just as how people view us. Seriously, we hardly listen to people's advice....human nature...I saw my weakness....I should appreciate her more....we never face the problem but rather choose to ran really time for me to learn how to be least I manage to see my relationship with her in another view after things ended....learn through mistake....i had a big of biggest fall in my pain no gain....Im too ignorance towards surrounding....Wake-up time for me....Is time to see the mirror and change what i should change.....Mirror....

Monday, June 16, 2008


I really sorry if you got angry about last saturday that i ignore u....i did try to reject them by saying i don wan go play dota but i end up get scolded....last minute give aeroplane. Yet i manage didnt go....but football is something i don get to watch always and didnt show always....i tot u would really come at 9.30pm but u came around 10 something....i noe u were vry unhappy wif me....i call many times just hope it get through once but my hope seems dim....hope tat shine like a light then flicker then fallout in the darkness....I hope u reply juz one msg or a miss whole body is vry itchy bcuz of beer....every night cant get a good sleep...then hav to do assignment....i really wish tat u were beside me now....yesterday i dream of u forgive me...i tot is a real one but end up is a fake one after i woke up from my dreams.....u re in room yesterday or u re somewhere else???? im searching for u......forgive me....

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Instrument of the month, Violin

The violin is very popular, probably because it can do so many things. A violinist can play slow, sad, smooth melodies and dazzling, fast scales. The violin has a very large range. Its tone is sweet and clear, and it sounds good in solos because it can be heard easily above a big orchestra.
You can see the major parts of the violin on this picture.

Violins come in different sizes: full-size, which most grownups play, and half-size and quarter-size for smaller players to begin on. Sometimes they're even smaller, and even kids who are as young as three years old can find a violin that's just the right size to get their arms around!

The body of the violin is made of wood, and is hollow so it can vibrate to create sound. The shape of the body gives the violin its distinctive tone. The body of a full-size violin is usually about 14 inches long.

The neck extends out one end of the body.

On the neck is the fingerboard. The violinist presses the strings against the fingerboard to change their pitch.

The four strings stretch across the body and fingerboard of the violin, from one end to the other. They are made of steel, nylon, or gut, and each is tuned to a different pitch.

The violin has four tuning pegs - one for each string. The upper ends of the strings are wound around these wooden pegs. They can be turned to tighten or loosen the strings, changing the pitch.

The tail piece attaches the strings to the other end of the violin.

To get the most accurate pitch possible for each string, four fine tuners are sometimes used in addition to the tuning pegs. Fine tuners are small screws that sit at the upper end of the tail piece.

The bridge supports the strings and transmits their vibrations to the body of the violin. It is made of wood, and is curved so that you can bow each string separately.

The soundholes are called f-holes because of their shape. They help the body of the violin to vibrate, and help the vibrating air to escape from inside the instrument. This makes the violin sound louder.

The chin rest is a curved cup that makes it more comfortable to hold the instrument under the chin.

The bow is made of horsehair attached to a rod. When the horsehair touches the strings of the violin, they vibrate, creating a pitch.

Violinists use some very fancy tricks to produce a wide variety of sounds. For instance, they might pluck the strings instead of bowing them. This is called pizzicato. Or they might play double stops, which means playing chords by bowing two strings at the same time.

The violin is important in the orchestra, but it's used in many other kinds of music, too. Sometimes composers write music for violin and piano, or for other small groups that include the violin. One important kind of music involving violins is the string quartet. A string quartet includes two violins, a viola, and a cello. Violins are also used in jazz and folk music, where they are sometimes called "fiddles."


Monday, May 5, 2008

A Black dot on a White Paper

What is first thing usually comes to our mind when we pick a white paper with a black dot on it? We will usually cover the black dot or don't want to use it. It applies same to human life. The white paper refers to our life and the black dot refers to our the mistake in our life. The story begin this way, a boy who was in the age of 19 years old just finish his form 5 and was waiting for his SPM result. Then he quarrel with his father one day and ran out from house. He also steel his uncle's money...from that point onwards, he never return home anymore. He work at outside to earn some living. His father give a chance with back the money to his uncle and he may continue study. He was stuborn and refuse to go back....friends did help him at the begining but not all peservere to the end...Today,his paper not only have one black dot but it almost fill up the whole paper already. Have we ever never commit any mistake or we are holy enough to look down on them. Many times, we don't stand in the view of those who commit mistake to see what they see....without that we lay our judgement on they. They can't be saved or we don't perservere long enough to save them. We do make mistakes, some might be small but others make a big one. Isn't is better to use the white paper with juz a black point rather than throw it away?
Every clouds has its silver lining.....the hope is still there....are we helping them to grab??? They are weak enough and hunger for hope in hard to hope for hope in a no hope situation....give yourself a chance and give the person who have once hurt you and make mistakes a chance for a better tomorrow. Life is short, why don't we live it happily....hatred will make a person tired and worn out...put judgement on them if never make a mistake.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


When I ponder back the days
You stepped into my life
I remember the first footprint
You printed on our shore

Your footprint is liked a pen
Laying foundation for us
You set your footprints on the sand
Followed by us,your students

A footprint to followed
A person to remembered
A contribution to appreciate
A memory to cherish

Im here to bid farewell to
You,Puan Khoo,who had fought to teach us well
They,teachers,had been working hard and cooperative
Us,SMJK Union,have scale greater heights under your tutelage
Together,we create history that last for ages...

Sunday, February 3, 2008


It was a lecturer....a pretty one but age difference....i went on to the ice breaking while my heart carry the hope of finding my juliet....hope is dim yet I won't give up.....The ice breaking ended, I said to myself, why so little girls join only....a waste of time, I grumble...I walk back to my house nearby to my university.....I went home lying on a sofa while Im feeling very tired. Suddenly, I heard a loud scream from the kitchen. Am I hearing the wrong voice or is just a day dream....I pinch myself and it hurts. "Is a girl's scream", I say....feeling scare and shock while walking towards the kitchen. I saw a small mice on the floor and a girl standing on the chair. I help her to chase off the mice and begin to think, this house is cater only for boys and why there is a girl in here? No one can answer me except her. I fetch a glass of water for her while to calm her down. I asked why are you here?......[to be continue]

Charmaine, The Girl

Charmaine is the girl whom I knew around approximately 6 months ago. We are in the same university and taking the same course. I started to get closer to her through messenger then I found out that she was a nice and cheerful girl to mix. I remember she say Kenneth, one of my college mate cute but undeniedable Kenneth was funny rather than cute. She look normal but doesn't belong to the pretty side. I can see her beauty that shine from her inside, her nature or the kindness and smile that she give to everyone she met.
I had feeling for her......she became part of me as time passed.....the feeling grows stronger as I know her longer. Yes, she the girl that I love....she is more than a words could describe.....beautiful

Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Orchestra

Time really fly fast.....too fast enough for me to catch a breath. Friday is the day I make music from the pair of hands I have. Previously, I really don't like Friday cuz is music making day. People don't appreciate what they tend to have, am I right? Friday is the day where I have to go for orchestra practise but now no more.....
I still remember the days when I was part of it...don't like to practise...why practise and practise....but it was one of the moment I cherish...I begin joining orchestra at the age of 10 or 11....During that hour, I never knew what orchestra about. Just sit and play whenever ask to play. Boring isn't it??Yet the part I love most is during performance....people paid to watch you play.....I'll never have this opportunity if I didn't play in groups.
Then I change from violin to viola because viola lack of players and teacher ask me to changed. I get the change to got promote from Penang Junior to Penang Symphony....what an honour. It was another dream that come true. Seriously, I never thought that I would be part of Penang Symphony one day. It was a great orchestra to venture with.
From there I started to grow as player although knowing myself is weak yet I really wish can achieved something one day. I do practise hard but can't improve, maybe lack of music cell.....Together with them I play numerous piece that I really enjoy playing. I thought this will be a full stop for me. Yet much greater opportunity came, dream of the life time. Playing at the Dewan Malaysian Philharmonic was a dream of the life time as a player.
My teacher was forming a Chamber Orchestra, he said that he would give me a try. I practise hard in order to stay in the team though Im still weak compare to the others. Im saying to myself, take the challange or leave it. I went for every practise and sometimes only 1 people from my section came. Really scare me the others, performing at the Dewan Philharmonic maybe just a normal thing but to me it is a golden opportunity that never come twice again. Thanks to my teacher, Mr Woon.....


I had remember was started at college.....I said to myself, college life means life of freedom....this the moment Im waititng for, free from my parents' control.....As usual, I took part in the ice breaking section to see whether Im able to bang on some pretty girls.....while i was walking along my way to the hall.....i accidentally bang on someone. She drop her file....didnt I meantion "she",I help her to pick up and thought that this an oppurtunity for me. Oh is a he not a she.....his long hair confused me. What a mess i?? I got shock and slowly stroll off. The hall was not pack with people....only few would come for the ice breaking....I feel like a stranger to the enviroment....I shouted in my heart, can someone speak english......A voice came from behind greet me in english...."Is a her....not a last someone speak english," i said. Then I turn and reponse......"what????"...I shouted in my heart....

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Love.....right or wrong???

Who in this world can really determine love is right or one not wrong to love someone but do have some limit. Rules are mean to be break but there are some lines you can't cross. My fren have once face some love problem.....he love a girl that shouldn't being love....because she had a boyfriend......everyone put their judgement on him...saying that he was wrong....did he really make a mistake by loving that girl....I don't think so.....we can't control who we want to love, am i right???But he must know where to stop.....rather than stepping deeper into it.....he manage to pull off after some while..after all love is a basic need.....can we really determine love is right or wrong???For me there is no answer.....what about you???pls leave ur comment after reading....


As day past by, her importance grew more and more in my life.......she did a lot for me yet i can't do much for her.....Her beauty of her face crafted deeply in mine heart and her voice sank deep in mine heart.......all i can do is give her a shoulder to lie on.....i really wish i can do more for her......every morning i woke up, seeing the beauty of sunlight makes me think of her....she works hard.....i can feel it from her hand....Her hand whisper softly to me about how hardworking she is......Of yes...i can see from the lines her hand got.....

Why Christ Save Us????

I started to think of this question during one afternoon. Why Christ Save Us???He as Son of God can choose not to obey and leave us as a sinners. It was say in the bible, "No one can come to My Father(God) except through Me(Jesus)". Yes, indeed Jesus have make a bridge that connect between God and us. It was us who crucified Him on the cross yet it was Him who die for us. His sacrified is not merely to save us but to show us HE LOVE US....I have watch before the movie Passion Of Christ. The movie feature the moment before Jesus died and after He was hang on the cross. Get one if you haven't watch.....I weep while I was watching the movie. He come to the earth as human just to die for us....He choose to die for us....who are we who deserve all this???The stripes and insultattion that He bears upon the cross is for us. Christ came not only to save us but also give us love,comfort and compension. I can tell you all that Jesus really love us....I have try it before and now is your turn...come and taste and see. Is the sweetest I ever taste.....He is the answer to everything...for He say,"ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be open unto you".


Song title:Above All
chorus: Crucified, laid behind a stone
You live to die
Desserted and alone
Like a rose
Trampled on the ground
You took the fall and thought of me
Above all.......

Monday, January 28, 2008

The "technology"

Now we are living in the world that is changing so fast, the question is :Are we able to cope with it???We cannot denied that we now as human seldom depend on other but more techonolgy now, our relationship is getting estrange. Do speak to your neighbour often?When we were ten years back, our relationship were close. The heart to help and build each other is there. Look at today society....the "modern" society become much ignorant toward surrounding. I flip through the newspaper and saw most of the news about crime. Not police being not effective but is us the society become self-center and ignorant. Technolgy has take control of us......what if today we don't have a computer at home.....i really can't think of the consequences . We are use have a minimal of technolgy beside us. Technology can help us prevent crime but in the same time it increases the crime rate. World become borderless with the advance of technology.....we don't have privacy anymore. People who can't move with the technology loss their job. Yes, we have the big appetiate for technology but are we able to digest it. Start to notice the people beside you and care about has once bring us up but it has also bring our relationship for the society......