Sunday, December 5, 2010

Music In the snow

Today is a Sunday, a day where many people went church. As I begin to prepare myself, I look out the window to have a glanced of the weather. It is snowing outside and the temperature was recorded at -14 Celsius. It is freezing cold and the snow was getting heavier than it was a second ago. In my mind, I was wondering whether are we able to get to church. The heavy snow will make the road slippery and hard to drive on it. Suddenly, mum yell from downstairs, "we are not going to church today...the snow is to heavy". I shouted back and say yes. I feel like having a walk to the nearby cafe to have some hot drinks. I grabbed on my winter coat and walk down the stairs while informing my mum that Im going out. She nod her head as I going past the door. As Im walking down the street, I can feel the freezing wind blew through me. My ears can feel the pain and my body is shivering although the Im wearing a winter coat. There few people down the street, the snow has keep them off the street. The street is so silent as I continue my walk....I heard a music came from a dark corner of the street..I was somehow got attracted by the voice....I approached nearer to see what it is....

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Is she the one???

I haven't write for ages. I now only write when I feel like writing. Recently I know a girl, she somehow attracted my attention. I feel very comfortable with her. She has her own beauty. She is active and seem like capable of in everything. To me she seem like the one Im waiting for.....together with her I found my ownself. I close my eyes, she will appear in my mind. I guess she is really the one Im waiting has been 2years since the last one...time really flies fast...just like a wink of eyes...2years past....Should I go after her or let this opportunity passes by???...but I have decided to give it a try...I even pray to God for an answer....seem like the answer is a yes...i hope i'll success =)