Saturday, December 29, 2007

A seed to sow, not a fruit to gain

This afternoon, I looked out the window and saw a big tree. Then a thought came to my mind, floating on it for sometime. It was 7 months back, I was deciding whether to leave my home for UTAR or continue for form 6. Both looks beneficial to me but the path UTAR will have more storms to face. After taking some time to considered, I choose UTAR; knowing that a path ahead of me is full of trials and tribulation for me to face. New friend, shelter, food and many more, I have to begin everthing for for the start. Yet is challenge that I look forward to fought with.
I bring my naive thinking into this urban area without considering anymore. Since my arrival, I have change a lot of friends. We are not as good as previous because we seldom meet and the places that we stay are different. A seed to sow, not a fruit to gain; means that you don't always get what you expect although you have put in effort. I begin semester 2 with a different person, someone hope I can get the CGPA of 3.8 yet I cant promise her because I know I can't make it. I had even try during my mid term exam; putting all my effort in most of the exam, hoping to gain better grade still I failed. I don't wish to tell her because I don't want to disappoint her.
I lack memory to memorise although I can't understand a lesson quickly. I put a lot of effort but is not the result I wish to get but i didn't blame her because she does it for my benefit. Life is like this, trying your best is enough. Never blame nor feel sad when you get a bad result at the end of the day. Remember a seed to sow, not a fruit to gain.

A journey to change......

I have been in petaling jaya for more than half years. Time really flies in just a wink. Staying in here is really a different culture for me, speaking a language that I seldom use or learn is hard for me. Being new in an island that is surround by sea, I feel tired wandering and scouting around. Yet, I found a good friendship to cherish. Thanks to Im not a stranger to the island anymore, I already knew the way around the island. Began to feel that it's a beautiful to live in. Im not going to stay here long......I wish to explore more before I move on to Kampar. It really crafted a sweet memory in mine heart. I found a partner who I appreciate to walk with me and move on to a new island. I have change a lot after exploring and notice the world is huge, still there is a lot for me to learn.