Monday, January 24, 2011


Just few days ago, a girl whom i love leave the place where i study for her future. It a mixed feeling for both of us to what i believe. We are still maintaining our relationship though we are distance away. There was an idea or metaphor appear in my mind. I think of using the word beauty to describe our relationship and how it should be.
There are two situation that people who are warmly in love will have as an ending. This is how it goes, there are some type of people who only wants a beautiful love and ignore the time factor. Meaning that they don't care how short is the relationship but all they want is a beautiful relationship. It is like an architect who design and build the world most beautiful scrapper. The building amaze and mesmerize many with the glasses as the theme of the building. But when an earthquake comes, the beauty in eyes of many has now turn into dust....very beautiful but not long lasting. The other type is building a simple house with a strong foundation. Many may not see what beauty does this simple house possess and doesn't bother to have a glance at it. Yet this simply house can last through storm and also quakes, not to mention it also provide shelter. After through storms, people will then look back and at this moment they can see what beauty lies in this simple house. Not only they realise but they also will cherish they beauty that the possess, the simple house.
I'll hope we both can try hard to build a simple house and look back what beauty we have sow and now it has rip. =)

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