Monday, April 11, 2011

My Day...

My day started out as i woke up at two quarter near half. Then i turn on my laptop as usual. When my laptop was started, i turn on the facebook. Instantly a message was pop out from the satay lou chat window. It was from Ken, now we go lunch then straight go to volleyball....nic, you wan join....i replied instant by typing yes...myself go take a bath n change into sports attire....then waited for Ken n Lum...along the way going out to main road....we picked up Kenny and Sim Huae.....they plan to go Utar from academic purposes....we drop them at the gate that links between Utar and Ktar....then we headed for our lunch. We went to a shop that i don't remember its name....we took chicken rice there....after finishing our lunch....we went to the volleyball court at Ktar to meet up wif Shawn, Kenny and Sim Huae....When we reach the court....i can see the dark clouds moving in packs towards our direction....but we ignored them as we play as we waited for it to rain....thank God that the wind keep blow the dark clouds away....we play a total of 5 sets of game.....Lum, Ken and myself a team while Kenny, Sim Huae and Shawn make up a team.....we plan to try a different strategy by dividing roles among ourselves. Lum or me would play first person who receive the ball or the person who set the ball to the front which is Ken....Ken will then play as spikier, which often tend to be the third person who play the ball over or usually takes ball that comes under the net....we have few successful play in the first set but won the we play until the third set, i exchange role wif Ken.....somehow we have much better communication this way....the team play strategy managed to work out...we had a fun game after playing all 5 sets...after the game....we all rested at the court and do some chatting....then headed to a food center called Primas....I had a half piece of tosai and i don quite remember what did others had.....After having our nice dinner, we went to Tenaga Mini Market to shop for some stuff and goods....I bought a shampoo as the previous one was done some small shopping...then we headed home...along the way...we scared that in front will have road blocks by few we put on our seat belts in a was a false alarm as there were no road blocks but we still need to put on as for our own safety purposes...we then dropped Kenny and Sim Huae back to their home and the last destination was my room...sitting in front of my laptop typing this post to you....that summarize three quarter of my day or Monday....hope enjoy what i have been thru

Smile thru your day =)

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